Team321 designs and builds a variety of custom suspensions and suspension mounting kits... here is the list of available products.

Once the original suspension is removed from the frame rails, the Crown Vic mounting kit can be installed. Click here for Installation Details

The adapters must be welded to your truck frame - and you must supply your own Ford / Lincoln rear suspension subframe.
The entire IRS from the Ford / Lincoln is used... The only thing left for you to purchase are shock absorbers!  You utilize the differential, axles, control arms, spindles, springs, sway bar, hubs and the brakes... No additional, costly brakes or hard-to-find pieces. Any replacement parts can be purchased at an auto parts store or your local Ford / Lincoln dealership... you can even use the wheels and tires - although you will likely want to upgrade them... The adapter brackets bolt to the subframe using the original mounting locations. Click here for TruckIRS Installation Details

Team321 makes a kit consisting of boxing plates, crush tubes and lower control arm mounts to ease the installation of a Crown Vic front suspension into your classic Ford or Chevy Truck. The entire Crown Vic front crossmember and all associated suspension components are retained from the original 2003-2011 Crown Vic. We offer a variety of mounting kits. 

  1. 1953 - 56 Ford Truck
  2. multiple kits for replacing twin I-beam front suspensions
  3. Narrowed Track Width Crown Vic front

Now you can put an Independent Rear suspension under your 1948 - 1979 Ford or 1955 - 1959 Chevy Truck or  Ford Ranger.

Using the widely available Ford Thunderbird or Lincoln Mark 8 Rear Suspension - Team321 makes the adapter brackets to mount the Ford IRS under your classic truck.