Team321 LLC has developed a narrow crossmember that retains the Crown Vic suspension geometry and utilizes the Crown Vic Control Arms, Spindles and Brakes. The track width is reduced by 4 3/4" to just over 62"  - which allows the low cost Crown Vic suspension to be used in a wider selection of vehicles.

The two images immediately below show the two basic configurations. On the left the base crossmember for $795 and on the right the base crossmember for $795 plus the optional sway bar for $175. The prices do not include shipping.

Narrow Crown Vic Front Suspension

The 2003 - 2011 Ford Crown Victoria (Crown Vic), Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Towncar front suspension has been a very popular swap for Classic Ford Pickup trucks as well as a variety of other vehicles. The Crown Vic front features heavy duty components, low cost and wide availability. The only downside of the Crown Vic front suspension is the track width... It is about 67" wide as measured from hub / hub. While this is great for Taxis and Cop Cars, this is just to wide for older vehicles.

Team321 LLC can provide everything from a bare crossmember to a complete front suspension. Call (321)960-5945 or email to reserve yours. Team321 provides the crossmember, modified upper control arms, all mounting hardware and a list of all Crown Vic components required to complete a front end installation for $795 plus shipping. A matching sway bar is available from Team321 for $175 plus shipping. Other custom packages are also available.