Crown Vic Front Suspension Options

Team321 offers a variety of options for installing a 2003 - 2011 Crown Vic (Crown Victoria) Front Suspension in classic Ford pickup trucks. This combo has become very popular due to the low cost and relative ease of install. Team321 offers multiple products to further ease the install of the factory Crown Vic crossmember in your Classic Ford pickup truck.

The cost of each of these kits is $350 plus shipping (typical US Postal shipping cost in continental US is $31)

You will receive a $100 discount on any of the Crown Vic kits if you also purchase a truckIRS rear install kit or multiple Crown Vic Mounting kits.

Each of the Crown Vic mounting kits include the vertical 'crush tubes' as well as the boxing plates to stiffen the C-channel front frames. The difference from one kit to the next is the method of boxing the various truck frames.

CLICK ON ANY OF THE ENTRIES BELOW for specific information on each style of Crown Vic installation kit.

  • General Crown Vic Installation kit - the install of this kit is shown below on a 1979 Ford truck. I have had customers successfully use this kit in trucks from the 60s, 70s and 1980s. This kit will fit all vehicles with 34 inch (outside / outside) frame rails. It is suited for Ford trucks originally equipped with Twin I-beam front suspensions.
  • Multi-bend 'outside' frame rail box kit - This outside style can be used on a variety of C channel frame vehicles, but is particularly suited for the early 1960s ford trucks (including unibody). This method creates an optimal mounting surface for the factory Crown Vic crossmember.
  • Multi-bend 'inside' frame rail box kit - This style was developed for Ford trucks that originally had a twin I-beam front suspension (1965 - 1979). The nature of the truck's frame lends itself for this type of boxing. This method is by far the 'cleanest' looking boxing method for mounting the factory Crown Vic crossmember.
  • 1953 - 56 Ford truck mounting kit - this kit is engineered specifically for 1953 - 1956 ford truck frames. These trucks have contoured frame rails designed to clear the original solid axle.

3. Narrowed Crown Vic Steel Crossmember - The Crown Vic mounting kits described above ease the install of the factory Crown Vic crossmembers.  Due to popular demand, Team321 has designed a weld-in steel crossmember that will locate the Crown Vic upper and lower Control Arms, Spindles, Brakes and associated hardware. This crossmember uses a Ford Mustang Steering rack to narrow the original Crown Vic track width by 4 3/4". Since car and truck frames vary from generation to generation (profile view, contour, height, width), these crossmembers are designed for specific vehicles. For instance, 1948 - 52 Ford trucks, 1953-56 Ford trucks, etc. 

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