There are many ways to install a factory Crown Vic subframe. While we hope you use a Team321 Crown Vic installation kit, you may choose to use the factory crush tubes and make your own boxing plates. While the location of the holes in your frame will be the same regardless of which way you go... The size of the holes depend on which install kit you are using... or if you are making the holes large enough to fit the crush tubes (over 1" diameter) or to pass the factory mounting bolts through the frame (11/16" diameter)... so choose the drill bit / step bit / hole saw size as appropriate.

Team321 developed these Crown Vic Drill Template stickers to take the guesswork out of drilling holes in your truck's frame to mount the factory aluminum Crown Victoria (Crown Vic) front suspension crossmember. Click on any of the photos below to view enlarge and view the step-by-step instructions.