From hand drawn sketch to Hot Rod Magazine. Brimstoneby Joe Skonecki

Here is an animation of the Independent Rear Suspension so magnificently implemented by Playaworks. Team321 was very happy to have played a role in this design.

I was contacted by Playaworks to design a rear suspension for a monstrous 29 foot long Stainless Steel Art Car for burning man. Valyrian Steel by Henry Chang at Playaworks, Las Vegas NV. After hearing their specs, 50" diameter tires... 100" track width, I thought for sure I was mishearing things... but after seeing their other creations, I was convinced their specs were correct. To be clear, I did not manufacture the IRS... I modeled all the components, worked out the spindle design, attachment points of all the suspension components, the geometry, spring rates and created a working 3D CAD model of the entire assembly to verify clearancing of all components and manufacturability.