This kit is not intended to be a complete installation package - rather it is a starting point that requires final boxing of the frame and mounting of the lower control arm trailing arms. These components are early production components and Team321 is soliciting feedback to improve the product.

Initial feedback from the first round of prototype components was positive, the holes lined up, made the installation of the CV crossmember significantly easier and saved a great deal of time locating where the crush tube holes need to be.
I will work with you to see that you complete the install - and if you wish to return them within 30 days, I will refund your purchase price.

During your installation, I ask that you provide as many photos as possible including:

Initial fitment of the top / bottom angle brackets to your vehicles frame. - Please note the year of your truck's frame and if it is an F150/250/etc. 2WD or 4WD Any holes that were in the provided parts that were not on your frame. any holes in your frame that are not accounted for in the brackets.

Fitting of the dogbones to complete the box around your frame.

Additional boxing plates you used to complete the structural boxing of your frame.

Wheel fitment / location  relative to your truck's fenders.

Customer feedback regarding fore / aft location of the crossmember was positive- meaning the that wheels were centered in the fenderwell - but no photos were provided, so I have no evidence to provide. with that in mind, I am not currently including the lower control arm trailing arm mounts. once I have received photos from you showing the location of the wheel in the fender, I will send you the trailing arm mounting plates free of charge.

Thank you for choosing team321 and helping me sort through this new product.
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