We have kits for installing Independent Rear Suspensions and Front Susensions for a variety of Ford and Chevy Trucks and Cars. Click the MORE link below for our product lines.

Our customers

Team321 LLC is a family owned business dedicated to the design and manufacturing of automotive suspensions. The name is taken from our local (321) area code... as in 3-2-1 blast off !  We are located just south of Kennedy Space Center.

Here is a map of our customers... always looking to add more!

We have provided design services to Hot Rod Magazine Featured cars, SEMA vehicles and a variety of customer builds. Click the MORE link below to see some examples.

2D and 3D mechanical CAD Design. Adding CAD design capability was necessary since I was paying up to $100 an hour for simple CAD design services. Since that time I have become an expert using affordable 2D and 3D CAD packages. We offer free CAD design services to all those using our fabrication capabilities.